We are Deluxe Coffeeworks - we supply coffee to your business. 

We're talking beans, training and advice to cafes, restaurants, offices (and even the curious coffee drinker) across the UK and across the pond.

We offer a full suite of support for your business - with over a decade in the business, hospitality and coffee is in our veins. 

We take great pleasure in partnering with individuals dedicated to providing outstanding coffee experiences for their customers.

Most popular with wholealse

House Blend

An initial acidity akin to oranges, followed by sweet chocolate and raw cocoa nibs in the finish with an overall dark chocolate taste. Our delicious coffee complimented with the addition of textured milk works brilliantly for every method you choose to make it. A crowd pleaser and an all-round talent, you can’t go wrong with a bag of the Deluxe House Blend. This is our most popular coffee both with our wholesale clients and with consumers!

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Our Decaf is pretty special. Hailing from Costa Rica, all the flavour, just without the caffeine (and this risk of $h1tting yourself). Our wholesale customers love our decaf because it does not compromise on taste. 

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Single-origin Filter

Once every month we will have a filter coffee which we offer on wholesale. Our current filter is our gorgeous El Salvador single-origin.

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  • Training

    A 90 minute masterclass covering grinder calibration, espresso recipe mastery, tamping techniques, extraction methods, and espresso quality assessment. For the novice coffee maker to the experienced barista, this class will equip you with the knowledge to confidently handle and adjust your grinder, replicate espresso recipes accurately, and consistently produce excellent shots of espresso. Additionally, the workshop delves into the steaming process, including stretching and texturing milk, you'll be a latte art pro when we're done with you!

  • Equipment

    Selling: We work with La Marzocco, Rocket and Brew-It Group coffee machines and grinders. We have been working with these companies since we started, so we trust the quality inside and out. 

    Renting: A very popular option for those who choose us as their wholesaler is to rent equipment. We can assist in renting machinery for your cafe, restaurant or office. 

“It is very consistent. Every time that we order, the blend is exactly the same as the previous one. Consistency is one of the things that I value in my business, you don’t want customers to see the difference all the time. Being consistent in the flavour and the roasting is one of the reasons we love Deluxe Coffeeworks.”

- Shirin, Head Chef and co-owner, Bergamot

White Labelling

We offer a white labelling service, so you can have your own fully bespoke range of coffee tailored to your brand and taste.  

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